To our Dear Customers,


We have decided to close for a while to (radically) simplify and streamline our business model. It is our intention to move forward in a different direction, yet retain the same core values of quality & integrity that Boulton & Son is known for.

We have come a long way from our original vision, and feel proud of the accomplishment of getting to grips with, and sustaining, this family owned and operated whole carcass butcher shop committed not only to the preservation of artisanal skills but also to animal welfare approved, GMO free, and Oregon raised meats.

We could never have conceived, never-mind created, Boulton & Son alone! As such, we deeply honor: our ancestors, our families, our teachers, mentors, cheerleaders, champions, supporters, friends, suppliers, farmers, vendors, contractors, and at times awe-inspiring staff (old and new), and of course our customers! Thank you all.

Two more years and Boulton & Son could no doubt become a financially self-sustaining
business; but we want to do more than just survive – both financially, and in the prosecution of our mission; it is our desire to truly thrive!

The decision to close our doors to re-purpose and re-imagine was not taken lightly, yet our hearts are not heavy! It is with joy, pride and a certain sense of relief that we move forward. We will take our core values of quality & integrity, which have permeated everything we have done thus far, and calmly and deliberately close the curtains on this, our first act.

“Now this is not the end; It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”

So, you may ask, what does come next? For now that will remain a secret! What we can say, is that it will be much more us. With more vision, more fun, more joy, creativity, and more permission – and you’re all invited!

If you liked our pies and sausages, you’re in luck!

We will be celebrating this First Friday, September 6th – with our house band, food to taste, and the first unveiling of our new business name and logo!

Until then, thank you all!

With our love,

Boulton & Son

“In matters of principles, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current”